Wheres the Birth Certificate ?

can you say "constitutional crisis"? I know you can. :)


what is it GNU/linux cant do?

not much. pro audio, Chinese, flashplayer support, & of course the wealth of ubiquitous widgets like programs for the Maya calendar. linux is a server technology. if you want to be *served* its absolutely perfect. get out there & be a client!

MicroEMACS v4.1.02

dusted off & reengineered for the new millenium, the *best* of the legacy microemacsen made usable for modern Linux. its an incredible story of the greatest of not just configurable but programmable macroprocessing editors surviving its port to developing microcomputer platforms with its integrity intact. the very editor Linus used & maintained even after 13 years requires nothing but minor tweaks to compile properly even on todays libc7. add to this simple enhancements such as realtime modeline cursorposition display & an HTML version of Lawrences famous & comprehensive scribe documentation & the robust, serviceable world of EMACS is once again the perfect addition to the properly configured Linux system. surf over to the resources site & check it out!